Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find answers to general questions about applying for, receiving and repaying a short-term loan from Clarity Finance. If you have more specific questions, please contact our Client Support Specialists.

When you take out an installment loan, you agree to make a set number of fixed payments at regular intervals until the balance is paid in full. Auto and home loans are common examples of installment loans. For instance, with an installment loan for a house (a mortgage), you might pay $2,500 on the 1st of every month for 30 years.

Although short-term installment loans from Clarity Finance are for much smaller amounts over a shorter period of time, the concept is the same. You agree to make scheduled payments until your balance is repaid. However, we encourage our clients to pay more than the minimum amount, make extra payments, or pay the entire balance off early if their finances allow. Paying your loan off early reduces the cost of your loan and is in your financial best interest. Clarity Finance does not charge any penalties for early pay-offs.

The major difference between an installment loan and a payday loan is the number of payments. A payday loan is typically repaid with one payment, usually in the form of a post-dated check or an automatic bank withdrawal, and it’s most often repaid within 30 days. Installment loans, on the other hand, are usually repaid with multiple payments scheduled over a period of months.

It’s more than likely that you will qualify for a short-term loan from Clarity Finance if you meet all the requirements listed below:

  • Receive a consistent, regular income of at least $1,000/month
  • Are a U.S. citizen and at least 18-years-old
  • Have an active checking account
  • Are not actively serving in the military
  • Other requirements may apply

If you meet the requirements above, you can begin the loan process now by completing our convenient online application.

The short answer is “no.” Clarity Finance is willing to work with clients with a range of credit histories. We understand that you may have had a few credit hiccups in the past, but we’re here to help you get back on financial track.

Priority Funding may be limited by funding time frames and cut-off times. Applications processed and approved before 7:00 p.m. EST Monday – Friday are typically funded on the next business day. If you require funds the current business day, you can request a wire transfer up to 4:00 p.m EST Monday – Friday. For loans processed on weekends or bank holidays, you will receive the wire transfer the next business day. Please verify with your bank as additional incoming wire fees may be assessed.

If you require a wire transfer, respond to your confirmation e-mail as soon as possible, as it contains your username and password. Log in to your account, review and sign your loan documents, then call Client Support at 1-877-632-4223 to arrange the transfer.

If you don’t see your confirmation e-mail within one hour of applying, check your spam folder. If you are still unable to locate the e-mail, call Client Support for assistance.

Yes. Safeguarding your personal data is a top priority. File transmissions are encrypted, and data is stored in a facility with multiple layers of both physical and digital security protocols.

Your loan agreement will include a detailed schedule of payment amounts and due dates; however, you are encouraged to payoff your loan early if your finances allow. There are no penalties or fees for early pay-off, and it will save you money on interest.

You can choose to have your payments automatically withdrawn from your bank account or you can send cashier’s checks or money orders to Clarity Finance, PO Box 8, IPrinceton , ME 04668.

If you might be late with a scheduled payment, please call Client Support at 1-877-632-4223 as soon as possible to request a three-day courtesy extension. There’s no fee for this extension, but it is only available once during the span of your loan.

Clarity Finance abides by federal laws and regulations as incorporated by the Passamaquoddy Tribe of Indian Township, a federally-recognized sovereign American Indian tribe.

The best way to save on the cost of your loan is to repay the loan as quickly as possible because this will reduce the amount of interest you’ll pay. You can do this by paying more than your scheduled amount, making extra payments, or paying the entire balance off early.

If you choose to make bigger/additional payments, amounts must be in $25 increments. To payoff your balance early, call 1-877-632-4223 and Client Support will assist you with the payment.

You can view or download your loan documents at any time during the life of your loan by logging in to your account at If you need assistance, please call Client Support at 1-877-632-4223 .

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